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12th December 2014: SJ Foti delivers an invited seminar lecture to the  Newcastle Electromagnetic Interest Group (NEMIG) for Newcastle University staff and students entitled:  

                                  Twists and Turns

of the

Fascinating World of Electromagnetic Waves

Racal News, February 2000 announcing their acquisition of Inotek, Ltd. which was founded by SJ Foti only three years earlier.

In the three years prior to the acquisition, SJ Foti secured investment capital, recruited a small team of experts in the field of mobile antenna technology, developed winning BTS antenna products, won the Orange,UK frame contract against international competition in competitive field trials and secured the T-Mobile (formally One-2-One) contract. This made Inotek an attractive company acquisition target. 

ERA Technology News announcing the successful development of the electronically spinning TACAN (Tactical Air Navigation) antenna. 

This was a product developed for a USA company in New York. 

SJ Foti led the design team as Technical Executive, Antenna Systems at ERA technology.

SJ Foti (on left) delivering a technical presentation on the development of an electronically spinning TACAN (Tactical Air Navigation) Antenna for a USA company to the Duke & Duchess of York.

SJ Foti (on left) with the COST (Co-operation in Science & Technology) 223 Committee. 

COST 223 was a European committee for Antennas in 90’s - Active Array Antennas for Future Satellite and Terrestrial Communications. The aim was to replace fixed beam antennas with phased array antennas with dynamic beam reconfigurability. SJ Foti represented the United Kingdom in the capacity of Expert.

SJ Foti at the launch of Inotek's low profile BTS sector antenna. 

This model was subsequently tested in competitive field trials for Orange, UK. Against international competition Inotek's antenna demonstrated superior performance to competitor's antennas and was selected for the Orange network.